Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Do not pay to play at Blogshares.

If you want to play this game, do it at risk for yourself. Only English, American, South African and Australian are welcome.

If you do not speak English very wells they will use that against you. And if you ask a question about the game, they will lie about your question. They will say you are trolling and attack you.

The Administration will let them do this and sometimes join the attack. And then they will say the player they attacked deserved the attack. It is all very convenient. If they want to attack someone. All they do is say that player deserved it.

Do not pay to play this game. It is not worth it to pay 15 U.S. Dollars when they attack. I have been avoided up to date but it is a matter of time and they will attack me also. I do not speak good English.

Maybe I make a list of bad players to avoid. Rantzalot (Sir) is very nasty to Chinese people and from Singapore. Also hurts Portuguese speaker and Eastern Europeans. He is prejudiced and he use his position to hurt player he does not like.

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